Tapestry of Changed Lives Panorama



After leading the project to create the first knit fabric piece of its kind, “Tapestry of Changed Lives,” I’ve continued to create knit fabric art as a solo artist  I’ve created pieces for weddings and interior spaces.

Each piece of fabric is hand-cut and tied. I become familiar with the tactile stretch, pull, softness, fuzziness, smoothness, etc. of each knit material. The thousands of fabric pieces serve as my “paint palette.”

Steven in the midst of tons of fabric

Conversations these art pieces have with the viewer center on the simple beauty of color and texture. The bold impact of even subtle colors in the tapestries and their various knit fabric textures invite people to come up close and perhaps even sink there hands into the colorful strips, to run their fingers through the tapestry as they might with a furry animal or when splashing the surface of a glassy pool.

This desire to be integrated into the color and texture of the work also comes through in how the tapestries often function as an element in selfies. In this online culture of shared images, the tapestries I create invite this response and collaboration. People naturally want to incorporate these installations in with their own images. Thus, the art pieces themselves become shared beyond their own location and become part of the fabric of the digital communities they are shared within.


My tapestry work for weddings creates both installations that serve as a visual focal point of ceremonies and celebrations, then function as piece of art in the homes of the couples who commission them. These pieces represent being “tied into love.”

Connect with me to commission a piece for your space or event or visit my online shop to purchase.


The Breakthrough


Tapestry of Changed Lives: Panel 5 (Left) and Washes Over Me (Right)

Grey Matter Musem with Tapestries

Washes Over Me


Purple Pillar

Purple Pillar 1

Purple Cloudburst

Purple Cloudburst


Orange and Red Vertical

Orange and Red Loop Detail    Orange and Red Horizontal


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